[ LUMINAIRe (Local Community Empowerment), Online Global Classroom by ATU- Net and Universitas Airlangga ]

LUMINAIRe is a virtual program organized by ATU–Net and Universitas Airlangga which involves both local and international students. This program is designed to empower local communities in Indonesia by promoting insights on problem-solving and concept actualization around digital campaign project.

Participants will engage in a discussion focusing on community empowerment as well as community service and will be given opportunities to put their creativity in order to come up with unique initiatives and ideas to combat the emerging issues.

Timeline of the Program:
4 December 2020 (13.00 – 16.00 UTC+7)
-Opening Ceremony
-General Lectures

5 December 2020 (13.00 – 16.00 UTC+7)
-Community Presentation & Engagement

7-10 December 2020 (Asynchronous)
-Project Work assisted by Facilitators

11 December 2020 (13.00 -16.00 UTC+7)
-Virtual Tour
-Group Presentation
-Closing Remarks

Program Benefits: E-certificate, Transferable academic transcript, Deeper understanding of Indonesian culture and community, content creation, communication strategies, and Virtual Tour. Prizes and Awards are also available.

Application Deadline: 3 December 2020
Register yourself at >> bit.ly/luminaireappform

For further information, visit https://bit.ly/luminaire-info or email your inquiries to int.grants@global.unair.ac.id (Ms. Dya Syafira)

Recorded Session on 4th December 2020 (Day 1):